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I have a ten year old peace plant that receives light from a south and west window-
It was healthy-it bloomed and leaves were perky-
I live in the country, have a well(no changes with the well water)
Recently, the leaves have drooped-
I separated the plant into three pots-providing new soil and pots
I water the plant now and as before, with lukewarm tap water once a week-
What do I need to do to help out this plant?


I suspect it is suffering from root rot. Peace lily plants do much better when they are pot bound. When you do divide and repot them it should only be done when the roots are actively growing and will fill the new pot with roots quickly. That would be between April 1st and July 30th. That is the best time of year to repot any houseplants, especially peace lily plants. Your divisions should have been put in pots that they barely fit in in potting soil that you added extra perlite to so the plants drained well. They should only be watered when they have been dry for 3 days and an hour after you water them you should empty any excess water out of the drain trays. If they are divided the wrong time of year, overpotted or overwatered the roots rot easily. The only thing you can now do is move them to smaller pots, add perlite to the soil and keep them very dry. Cut back on the amount of water you give them and don't water them until they have been dry for 3-5 days. You will know when they are ok because they will perk up a lot. When they appear to be root bound again you can repot them into pots with a diameter no more than 2 inches larger than the diameter of the pot you are taking them out of. Good luck!


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