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House Plants/sheffleara plant is droping stems and leaves but both are perfectly green


What is wrong and how to i fix this


Your shefflera could be overwatered or underwatered or it could have insects. If you water it more than once a week and leave it sitting with a drain tray full of water you are keeping it too wet. Cut back on the water.  If it is in a pot with no drain hole it is too wet.

If it is not being watered for 2 weeks it is being kept too dry. Water it more often.

Inspect it closely for insects. Flat circles that don't move are scale insects, white fuzzy stuff that looks like bits of cotton balls are mealy bugs and tiny black almost microscopic insects are aphids. If you find insects let me know and I will tell you how to treat them.

I could also be from not getting enough sun. If it is not getting at least 4 hours of actual sun shining on it a day on sunny days that could be the problem. If you have more questions write again. Good luck!


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