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Hi Darlene,

I just bought this cactus. I'd like to know it's species and how to care for it.




It looks exactly like a cactus I bought about a year ago that is a Cereus forbesii monstrose 'Ming Thing'. You can confirm that at the following website:

It needs as much sun as possible when indoors and loves it outdoors when temperatures are above 10 degrees Celsius but if it has been indoors for a long time you must put it in the sun outdoors slowly. First put it in a shady place then move it to a slightly sunnier location a few days later then a week later give it more sun. You can shade it outdoors in the hot afternoon sun with larger plants until it gets used to the sun so it does not get sunburned.

It appears that it is in a large enough pot for several years. It does not need to be repotted until it is falling over or so large that it is pressing against the sides of the pot. Cacti have shallow roots and a larger pot will cause it to be overwatered. When you do repot it should be in a sandy cactus soil for potted plants. It should only be repotted between April 1st and July 30th when the days are getting longer and the roots are actively growing. The plant will recuperate much faster.

Only water it when it has been very dry for at least 5-7 days, this time of year that should be about every 2 weeks. During the summer once a week is fine. When it is above 35 degrees Celsius you might want to water every 3-5 days.

If you have more questions feel free to write again. Good luck!


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