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Crystalized Sap
Crystalized Sap  

Crystalized Sap
Crystalized Sap  
My Aglaonema commutatum? (silver queen) has clear crystals on stems and sticky sap leaking from bottom of leaves. The sap is leaking from very very small brown holes. I've used insecticidal soaps all last spring/summer. Repotted last spring and today and I did not find any visible bugs to the naked eye. There is no webbing visible, and no visible bugs that I could see with a magnifying glass. No aphids, no scales, just visible crystallized sap or clear sap. Slowly my plant has been dying. Today when repotted I placed Bonide systemic 2 in 1 granules 2T just below surface and watered well. This plant has been with me for 20+ years can she be saved? She was repotted in a new 12" diameter pot.

Hi Mirtha,

It is quite common for some Aglaonema species to produce sticky globules of sap on the leaf stems and undersides of leaves. It is perfectly normal and not an indication of any pest or disease. It can safely be ignored or the droplets can be removed with soap and water if they bother you. There is no treason to continue the use of the pesticides.

If your Aglaonema is ailing, it is for some other reason. Improper watering is the most common cause. In any case, it is never a good idea to repot an ailing plant. I assume the new pot is larger and that you added more soil. That means there is a very good possibility that the roots may now rot because the added soil retains moisture for too long before drying out properly.

Your photo doesn't show the entire plant, so it is hard for me to know if it is correctly potted and just what the "dying" symptoms are that you have observed.

Aglaonemas do best when kept potbound, located in bright but indirect sunlight and watered when the top quarter of the soil feels dry.

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