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Are hanging plants still the in thing to do?


I am not a decorator, I am a plant advisor. That said, I love the look of large hanging plants. In my kitchen I have a long window above the sink and above it I have a wood bar hanging from chains on each end. I hang 4 plants from it. They change from year to year. I have another long window in another part of my kitchen with a 2nd plant bar above it. That one has a plant table under it so it is a really green area. There are about 6 large plants on the table and 5 plants hanging above them. I like grouping a lot of plants together. They look dramatic that way and they humidify  each other in large groups.

In my living room and my large office I have large floor plants in groups of 4 to 6. Again, that is a very dramatic look. A single plant sitting or hanging never makes a statement. Large is god and 3-4 together is an even better statement.  Vining plants need to be in hanging baskets. If you find a vine you love then find a nice hanging pot with good drainage and a hook you can hang it on and give it a try! Good luck!


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I have been an Advanced Master Gardener for 24 years and I raise around 300 houseplants and bonsai trees a year including tropicals, succulents, and cacti. I have also been a professional plant care person for businesses in the Fort Wayne, IN area and currently professionally care for bonsai trees for my customers.


I am also studying the Japanese art of bonsai with tropical plants and is President of the Fort Wayne, IN Bonsai Club.

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I am not a hortculturist. I am a Purdue University Advanced Master Gardener for 24 years. I have studied plants on a personal level by growing hundreds of plants annually for the last 35 years. I have also studied under several nationally known American Bonsai experts.

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