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Mr., Creed
Plantís name is unknown. Itís about fourteen years old and has three, corn stalk like limbs. With beautiful shiny green leaves, the plant moved to a different home in October, 2012. Now most of the lower leaves are dried out, dead or dying, and the limbs are drooping. Only a few green leaves remain at the top of each limb.
Location is the East window
Daylight when light weight draperies are open
Repotted about two months ago
Pot size about 20.5 inches tall
Plant height is 52/53 inches (longest limb) some green leaves extend slightly longer
Sending a poor quality photo
What do I do?

Thank you

P.S. My friend suggests I cut off the limbs and root the cuttings in water.

Hi Genny,

Your plant's name may be unknown to you, but it does have a name. Without knowing what plant species you have there is no way I or anyone can properly tell you how to care for it.

Please post a photo of your plant on this site or email a photo to me at so I can identify it and proceed to help you from there.

Will Creed

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