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My plant  
I have this houseplant, (don't know what it is called and hope you can tell me what it is called. It recently outgrew it's pot and I transplanted it. Now the leaves have all curled up like straws. At first the stems got all soft and limp, but they have strengthened up quite a bit, but the leaves won't uncurl. I am worried that if they don't uncurl, they won't be able to absorb the required light. Any help/suggestions?

Thank you

PS the picture doesn't show, but the leaves are purple underneath (like a plum color)


The picture you sent is a prayer plant, Maranta leuconeura. It does not look like it is in too small a pot nor does it look like it has rolled leaves. If this is a before picture it did not need to be repotted. This plant likes to be rootbound. If this is an after picture there are no problems.

If you repotted it into a larger pot and the leaves are rolling that is why. It is in too large a pot and it is staying too wet. Has the soil dried out since you repotted it? This plant must dry out before you water it. If the leaves are rolled you need to also unroll a leaf and look inside for insects, especially spider webs. If you find them put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray the insides of the leaves every 3 days for 2 weeks. Be sure to drain any excess water out of the drain tray and dry the plant out well between waterings. If the plant appears to totally die do not pitch it. It has tuberous roots and sometimes it goes dormant. Set it in a sunny corner and give it a couple teaspoons of water every 2 weeks and patiently wait for it to resprout. It could take 6 months. Good luck!


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