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I have a philodendron that seems to be going slowly downhill. The leaves are dull and listless, though not browning. The soil looks to have some type of white fungi growing in it. I have heard that you could wash the plant and rinse the soil with distilled white vinegar, but I don't want to further stress the plant. What can I do to bring it back to health?


What you describe is frequently caused by overwatering or poorly draining soil. It must be in a pot with a large drainage hole and a draintray under it. To get rid of the white mold spray the surface of the soil with Lysol spray ever 3 days for 2 weeks. It would also help if you picked up some perlite at your garden center or Walmart and when the plant is dry carefully remove it from the pot and mix some perlite with the soil lower in the pot. This will improve the drainage.

The drain tray must never have standing water in it. It should always be emptied an hour after watering. Use a turkey baster if you can't lift the plant. Do not water the plant unless it has been dry for 3 days. Sitting in too much water causes the  lackluster look you have noticed. Once it is dried out a dose of fertilizer would help also. Always let it get dry between waterings. Good luck!


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