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I've had this plant for a couple of years, but I don't know what it is or really even how to care for it.  It's growing taller and has lost the lower leaves on the stalk.  Is there a way to make it more "full" and/or cut off one of the stalks, re-root it, and maybe the old stalk would sprout new growth?  I'm clueless!


Your plant is a Dracaena sanderiana/Ribbon Dracaena, it is the same plant that is grown as a Lucky Bamboo. It is in a pot that is a bit large. It likes to be more rootbound. Bigger is not always better. Wait till after April 1st then you can cut the tops off and dib them in rooting hormone then insert them in the soil beside the  old bases aand they will grow new roots and the old bases will grow new tops. Then the pot will be the right size and it will not need repotted ever. Eventually when they are too tall you can cut the tops off again and start another pot with 4-5 plants in it. Here is a website with more info.

After April 1st it will root easier because the days will be longer. Good luck!


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