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I have numerous African violets. but one of them isn't doing so well after last year i replanted it. Used to bloom, then little by little the leaves would get brittle curl up and break off. Now i just have the crown. The leaves are small. I replanted it to a smaller pot. New African violet dirt. Now what? Can I save it or not? Oh I checked for any bugs. None.
Thank you for your time.

You should be able to save it...
Sounds like your plant was going too dry for too long in between waterings...That is what causes dry brittle leaves to appear...African violets flower better when pot bound and fertilized properly...
I water most plants by weight. I put a saucer under the pot , water and let the plant sit in the excess water for 5-10 minutes. After that time I remove any excess water in the saucer. I pick up or lean the pot to check for weight. It should feel heavy. Don't water again until it feels considerably lighter in weight. Then check it every 3-10 days or longer. Watering frequency depends on many factors(type of plant, pot size, light exposure, temps, humidity, etc.).
African violets do not like water on their leaves, especially if sunlite hits them...It will make spots on their leaves...They can also rot out if kept too wet for too long...
Also most indoor tropical plants require you to add fertilize on a weekly to monthly basis during the growing season. Visit your local garden center (not chain store) and see what they recommend for your particular plants...Make sure you get an indoor plant food product - not an outdoor plant fertilizer mix...
Hope this helps...Let me know what you think about my advice...
Rick in southern NJ

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