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pine tree
pine tree  
Hi Darlene
I have a pine tree in a pot I put it in my south facing balcony
It has been neglected little
I water it once every week or sometimes every 4 days
I just water it I am not even look at it's needles in the other side of it ( I mean the part that not facing me when I water it )
today I turned it and I see brown needles at the upper side but of it and this browning is from only the side that facing sun I hope that I make you understand me .sorry for bad English
.The brown needles is very brittle all the tiny brown hairs of needles fall off when I toch it. I water it now after I see this problem . do you think this is under-watering sign?I didn't water it for a week

I live In Iraq the  weather now is about 23 c at night to 30 c at morning\afternoon

should I prune these needles? and how to water it correctly ?
should I re-pot it ?and move it to more sunny place?
please give me your advice I love this tree so much
thank you


Your plant is not a pine tree, it is a dwarf Alberta spruce, the Latin name for the tree is picea glauca "conica". It has the appearance of a Christmas tree. It cannot live in the original nursery pot forever. It needs repotted into a slightly larger pot with some fresh potting soil around it. I think the one branch turned brown because it did not get enough sun up against the house. It needs to be turned 1/4 around each Saturday.

When it is that hot it needs watered at least every 3 days. When the temps drop down to 20 degrees you can go back to once a week. It looks like you have a nice sago palm there too. In that heat I would keep it where it is, I would just turn it regularly. By the way, I think your English is pretty good. Are you native Iraqi?  If you have more questions feel free to write again. Good luck!


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