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Hi Will,
After much research in google I learned that the plant I rescued a few months ago from the trash is a maranta leuconeura kerchoveana. It is thriving now but I am a bit confused about the differences in advice I find on the web as to its care. I would like your advice on watering, fertilizing, amount of light, humidity needs, etc. Also, can I repot it? The pot I found it in is one of those ugly white plastic containers for hanging plants and I would like to have it in a clay pot.
BTW I made a $10 donation.


Hi Monica,

Thank you for your second very generous donation. It is much appreciated!

The internet is filled with conflicting, inaccurate and unreliable information, often posted by well-intentioned amateurs who fail to realize the limitations of their knowledge.

Yours is a variety of Prayer Plant that has markings that lead some people to call this variety 'rabbit tracks.'

Do not repot it. It has a shallow root system that will easily rot if moved into a larger or deeper pot. I recommend that you use a clay pot that is large enough to accommodate the existing white plastic pot. Double potting is the best way to hide unattractive pots without disturbing a plant's root system unnecessarily.

Keep your Maranta soil evenly moist by watering as soon as the surface of the soil feels barely dry. It's no more complicated than that. I know you live in NYC where the water quality is good so you don't need to worry about damage done to Marantas when hard water is used.

Marantas do best in very bright, but indirect light. Right on a north windowsill is best or off to the side of an east window so the sun's rays don't fall directly on the foliage in the morning. It is important to avoid cold temps that fall below 65 degrees F. Be careful of cold drafts and cold windowsills in winter.

Marantas do need some extra humidity in the colder months when the heating system dries out the air. Either a nearby humidifier or a pebble tray under the pot work best. Misting does not help increase humidity.

Fertilize it very sparingly no more than once per month at half-strength and only when it is healthy and growing vigorously.

Trim off any discolored leaves and prune back any long stems that have few leaves. This trimming and pruning is essential for plants that have been neglected, as yours was, so that they will become fuller and more compact in their appearance. Be patient as it will take a few months for it to recover.

Please let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have any additional questions.

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