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Is there anything I can do to help this Money Tree?  The tallest stalk is over 10' tall, and the other 4 are roughly 5' tall.  I was thinking of cutting the main one off and try braiding the others, but I'm not sure if this would effect the tree at all. The tree is around 15 years old so I didn't know if braiding could still be an option.  Definitely want to keep it but would like to make it look better without ruining it. Do you have any suggestions.  I thank you so much for your time!!!


First I must tell you that I am a bonsai artist and in my mind what you have there is a giant bonsai tree that is clump style.  I agree that the 10 foot one looks out of place. You can simply cut it off at it's base and allow the shorter ones to grow. I would cut the 10 foot tall one down to 6-7 foot tall and then I would strip the bark off and use a sharp knife or carving tools to carve the top to look like it was torn off by the wind or struck by lightening. Then you can paint lime sulpher on the trunk and it will whiten it and preserve it so it will not rot. When painting lime sulpher you must put plastic over the soil. Lime sulpher is used as a fungicide when heavily diluted with water. Do not dilute it as much if using it for this. It is available at hardware stores and garden centers.

I do not recommend that you ever put this plant in a larger pot or it will just grow larger. When you feel it needs it you can remove it from the pot and cut 2 inches of soil and roots off the rootball all the pay around then put fresh soil back in the bottom of the pot, put the tree back in and put fresh soil all the way around. That is a root pruning technique used with bonsai that allows the roots to grow and the tree to stay healthy without getting larger. At the same time you should trim 6 to 12 inches off the top of the tree to also give it room to grow.  You can pick up some books at the library or on the internet on the subject of bonsai. It is a great way to maintain tropical trees in your home for many years. Good luck!


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