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I received the Simply Elegant Lovely One peace lily from Telefloral in the brown urn. Can you please tell me what species it is so I can anticipate growth and placement in my home? I have researched Simply Elegant and Lovely One but they are not listed. Can you please help? Would love to have at least one house plant live. I don't seem to have a knack for indoor plants and this one was a gift from my Opa's funeral and I am trying to research it for proper care as well. Any assistance would be great, thank you!

Hi Mishia,

The phrase "Simply Elegant Lovely One" is marketing verbiage that Teleflora has added to a plant commonly known as Peace Lily. Its botanical name is Spathiphyllum.

This plant, like most plants, will do best if it is maintained in its nursery pot. Yours is most likely a small hybrid variety of Spathiphyllum, which means it will never grow much larger than it is now and it may never need to be repotted.

It needs protection from the sun's rays falling directly on its leaves, but otherwise as much indirect sunlight as possible. Right on a north windowsill or off to the side of an east windowsill are the best locations for a Peace Lily.

As soon as a Peace Lily gets a bit too dry, the leaves wilt quite dramatically and pathetically. If this happens with yours, don't panic. The leaves will perk up 4-6 hours after you have watered it. That said, it is best not to allow it to completely wilt regularly. Observe your new plant carefully and water it thoroughly (add enough water so that a small amount trickles through the drainage holes) just as it starts to wilt a bit. I cannot tell you precisely how often that will be, but after a few weeks you will notice just how many days yours seems to go before it starts to wilt so you will be able to anticipate when it needs water.

Fertilize it monthly, but at half strength.

This is an easy plant as long as you don't repot, provide proper light and manage the watering as I described.

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