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We have an amazing cactus in our conservatory. 2.5 meters tall with numerous side shoots,several as tall as 110cm.
It has grown to the point that there is nowhere we can keep this beauty anywhere either in the house or conservatory.

We have decided to cut the top off the cactus and plant it.

Could you help us with the guide on how to deal with the cutting and how to plant it. We were told that the cutting can not be planted at once.

I thank you in advance.


Whoever told you this is correct.

You have got to leave the cutting to dry and form a scab and this takes a week to a few week; depending on the size of the cutting.

If you plant it straight away, the cut section will rot as it will not dry out. After it has dried, you will have to plant it in compost that is moist and do not water for at least 5-7 days and it will produce roots within a few weeks.

You will know that it has rooted when you see new growth. I know about this as I have taken cuttings of cacti and managed to root them successfully.

Plant it so that the bottom of the cutting is not buried too deep but is planted just enough to hold the weight of the cutting. I sat mine on top of the compost and pushed them into the potting mix just enough to prevent them from toppling and rotting.

I hope this helps.


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