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I'm worried about my Monstera plant. During the past month it has started to develop some yellow leaves, and most leaves (even newer ones) are getting brown, dry edges.
I read that the symptomst could be because I water too little. Ok, about a week ago I started watering more frequently and moisting the air around the plant, as well. But nothing happened. New brown edges are evolving.
At the same time it is developing new leaves and roots. (I fertilized it 2 weeks ago) Its obviously growing season, but at the same time, part of the plant seems stressed...what can I do?
How often should I water a monstera in summer? Last summr I didnt do much and the plant seemed fine, now that I take care of it, it seems to get worse :(
Can you give me some tips?

Hi Mariliis,

Photos that show the entire plant are more helpful than photos that show just a few effected leaves. Discolored leaves are a generic symptom that can be caused by over as well as under watering. Using hard water and too much fertilizer can cause this symptom and so can improper light or a change in light. Finally, older leaves on Monsteras that have not been pruned back will also yellow in this manner.

Plants are slow to react to changes in their environment. The already discolored leaves will not recover in any case. The newly emerging leaves are the ones to monitor for improvement in your care.

Misting does not raise humidity effectively, but Monstera does fine in low humidity anyway. This is a tropical, non-seasonal plant. It may grow a bit more in summer when the hours of daylight increase, but it grows fairly evenly throughout the year.

I do not have enough information to give you a diagnosis. My tips are as follows: Provide lots of bright, but indirect sunlight - right in front of a north window is best. Keep it tightly potted and water it when the top quarter of the soil feels dry. If your local tap water is hard, use filtered or distilled. Fertilize only when it is healthy and growing vigorously and only at half strength monthly. Keep your Monstera pruned back by cutting long overgrown stems that have lost lower leaves.

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