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I have had a Dracaena Marginata for approximately 6 months.  Up until about 2-3 weeks ago, the foliage seemed to be growing well.  I did notice a few weeks prior to that the presence of white worms, and more recently tiny red spiders (few).  We were gone for 9 days, having watered prior to leaving, and upon return, found the plant to have several wilted leaves, with the remaining leaves to be a bit weaker and small brown tips.  The lighting is filtered more than it was over the winter, due to a bush sitting just outside the window that is now in full blossom.

Can you please help me understand how I can best get this plant back to fullness and health?  Thank you!


This plant needs bright light, mine sits in front of my east facing patio window for most of the year and goes out on the small deck just outside that door during the summer. It gets sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. It needs to get very dry between waterings. When you water you should empty the drain tray under it an hour later. It should never be allowed to sit with a drain tray full of standing water. Your problems were caused by too much or too little water when your went on vacation. I cannot tell you which because I was not there to feel the soil. If you got back and the soil was bone dry it was too little and regular weekly waterings over the next year should bring the plant plant back to health. If the soil was wet and soggy then not allowing it to sit in standing water ever should slowly help. It will take time for it to get healthy. More questions write again. Good luck!


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