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QUESTION: respected sir
i want to ask a question about best fertilizer for citrus fruits.please also tell me about some fertilizer about frit plants of lawn.
i have following fertilizers for citrus fruits, please share which is best, if no one is good then tell me some fertilizer from your experience.

1.Nitrophos (NP) contains  (22% Nitrogen - 20% Phosphorus (P2O5)
Also contains 9~10% Calcium).

2. Urea containing( 46% nitrogen).

3.DAP contaning (46% P2O5 and 18% Nitrogen)

4. SONA BORON contaning (Sodium Tetra Borate Decahydrate)
thank you

ANSWER: Rather than use raw products which can easily be miss-used or formulated, you would be best to buy professionally formulated products from a reputable dealer/manufacturers...
My favorite product was made by Espoma, an organic fertilizer manufacturer...I liked granular products that could be broadcast on the ground under the trees...Then the rain would deliver it to the trees...Many companies suppy organic based fertilizers...A M Leonard Company, Miracle Grow and Scott Fertilizer to name a few...
Type "tree fertilizer" and your area (state/country) into your search engine to find a dealer in your area...If you are doing a large number of trees you may be able to deal directly with them...Or they may be able to direct you towards someone else...
Hope this helps...

Rick in southern NJ USA

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: my respected sir
i am from pakistan and the companies that you told me are not in my company.
please sir tell me a fertilizer that is present everywhere in world.
thanx for your time.

Again I would research it online...Type "fruit tree fertilizer" into your search engine to view sites of companies that sell the fertilizers...Contact them on their site to see who would ship to your country or have them recommend a supplier in your country...
If worse comes to worse find someone who has animal or plant waste available in your country so you can compost it properly for use on your fruit trees...Many sites will instruct you on compost production from animal and plant waste for use on your trees...
Good luck...Keep asking questions if you need more help...
Rick in southern NJ USA

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