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Today I was moving a potted cactus plant about 5'-6' tall. During the move it snaped in half. It wasnt a clean cut, and it has a few dings and cuts from the fall. The bottom half is still in the pot and seems fine. But now I have a 4' chunk of cacti and I'm devestated about it. How can I save the 4' section, and how can I keep the planted part alive and healthy? Any help would be mucho appeciated. I do not know the type of cactus it is. But it has been in our family for over 100 years. So you can imagine my sadness over this.
Alos wondering if it can be put back together and if it will graft itself back together?


You need to send me a picture for me to identify it and tell you if it is possible to graft it back together. I am sure you can same both halves. Email that picture here or to  

The bottom half will sent out side shoots and continue growing. It may produce several side shoots and you can detach eventually them and grow them on there own or allow them to keep growing on the original base.

The piece that has broken off you need to allow to dry for about a week to form a dry callous then insert the base in a fresh pot of sandy soil and set it next to the original plant. Only give it a quarter cup of water every 2 weeks until you see signs of new growth. Then you can water it as you always have.

If you want to try to put it back together I need that picture immediately and I will consult a friend who is a cacti expert about the possibility of success. Good luck!


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