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House Plants/Problem with my rubber tree plant.


My rubber tree plant is not growing up, it's growing out.  The leaves and branches have spread horizontally. Is there a way to get the plant to grow up, not out? Thank you

I did not mean severe pruning...Pruning should be selective to promote growth in a certain direction...Periodic pruning is necessary to help direct the growth of the particular plant...

A picture of the whole plant and its' location would help ID the problem...You should turn the plant a 1/4 turn once per week or 2 to keep the growth even...Pruning off side growth to promote upward new growth is also important...Location of sun exposure is important... They don't need direct sun light but will do best in a morning sun exposure or bright room...You also need to add fertilize on a weekly to monthly basis during the growing season.

Otherwise doing proper basic indoor plant care is important...
Water your rubber plant ( Ficus ) in the following manner. I water most of my plants this way.

Check how much the plant weighs when thoroughly watered VS its' weight when it is ready to be watered again. Sometimes it helps to put a saucer under the pot and let the plant sit in water for 10-15 minutes. After that pour off the excess water. Pick the pot up ( or lean it if it a large pot ) and feel how heavy it is after watering it thoroughly. Don't water it again until it feels considerably lighter and the top of the soil is light in color. Depending on plant types, sunlight exposure and pot size plants will need water at many different rates from once a day to once a month or more.
Hope this helps.
Rick in Southern NJ

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