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five noticed white fluffy spots on a plant it is sticky then turns brown then all plants next to it get it as well what chemicals can i use to cure my plants ,these white pots will kill plant if not cured soon i think their nat eggs , please let me know how to cure my plants , thanks rick,


The white stuff on your plants are insects called mealy bugs. They are hiding under the fluffy white stuff. You can spray them with straight rubbing alcohol and that will make the fluffy white stuff go away and you will see the eggs and insects under it. Enough spray will kill the insects on contact but they seem to come back. It is a good way to quickly slow them down.

You did not say what kind of plants they are. If they are plants that become trees or shrubs if grown outside the very best chemical to get rid of them is Bayer Protect and Feed Tree and Shrub Insecticide. It is take up by the plant and it will kill the insects and repel any additional insects for 12 months. It is the best insecticide I know of and works on the most insects. You follow the instructions on the bottle for potted plants and you may have to do 2 applications about 2 weeks apart to totally eradicate the insects. If you have more questions feel free to write again. Good luck!


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