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I have had this plant for over a year and is about 5 feet tall. In the past three months I have noticed the leaves are sticky and are falling off.  I have new growth however many leaves are sticky along with the stem/trunk. I took the plant outside and misted down which seemed to help, however the stickiness has returned.  Any idea as to what this is and how can I stop it?


Your Schefflera Arboricola has some type of insect infesting it. The sticky stuff is the excrement of the insects. Your plant would be happier outdoors in full sun this time of year. More sun would also make your plant stronger to fight off the insects easier. You can spray the entire plant every 3 days with a mixture of 1 pint of rubbing alcohol with 1 pint of water then add 1 tablespoon of dish detergent and 1 tablespoon of baby oil. To get rid of the insect you have to be consistent with the spraying every 3 days or they will just come back.

An easier way to get rid of them is to go to the nearest Walmart or Lowes and pick up a bottle of Bayer Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed. It is around $20.00/bottle and you apply it according to the instructions on the bottle. One bottle will treat at least 24 plants. It is a systemic that is take up through the roots of the plantsde and it make the plant both kill the existing insects and repell any additional insects that try to arrack the plant.  If you have more questions feel free to write any time. Good luck!!!!!


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