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We live just outside of San Diego, Ca. We planted a Loquat tree about a year ago on a slight slope facing southwest. It getw waterd about twice a week on an automatic sprinkler system and was doing quite well for months. Recently the leaves started turning a rusty brown and little things we thought might be flowers appeared but they are the same rusty brown. What is this and how can we save the tree. It seems to be spreading downward from the top...


I suspect that you have fire blight. Fire blight, a bacterial disease, can be serious for the plant if not treated on time and infects all parts of the plant. Initially the twigs and branches weaken and the foliage wilts accompanied by the infected areas becoming brown. As time progresses the infected area would look as if it has burned. Over time, the plant would begin to experience stunted growth, the branches and twigs would die. You can control fire blight by pruning the plant and applying chemicals to kill the bacteria. The infected areas should be pruned with the help of a sterile pruning shears. You can also use cooper sprays to prevent bloom infection.

Take your picture to your nearest garden center and ask for the tree expert. Show them the picture and see if they agree with the diagnosis and ask what they have to treat it. I live in Northern Indiana, we do not have sprays for Loquat trees here so there is nothing I can recommend. If you do not have a knowledgeable garden center near contact your county extension office for advice.
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