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I purchased two Chinese Evergreens about two years ago. A year ago one of them turned yellow and had a white powdery, sticky substance on them. I trimmed the yellow leaves and after two months, I gave up and threw it out. Now, the other one is having the same problem. The leaves are turning yellow and there is the same sticky, white powder on the leaves. I cut most of the yellow leaves off and hosed the white powder off before taking a picture. I am trying to salvage this plant before giving up on it. It still has plenty of green leaves on it.


The yellow leaves are from the plant being kept too wet. It does not like wet feet and should only be watered when it has been dry for at least 4 days and never allowed to sit with water in it's drain tray. Was the plant blooming when you found the white powder? I suspect that the powder was pollen from blooms. The blooms are green so may not be apparent to you. If you let it dry out more the yellow leaves will disappear.  This plant has no insects that bother it, It is generally a trouble free plant when it is not kept too wet. Good luck!!


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