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I live in Michigan  and I don't know how to take care of my plant in the winter  we have no sun from nov to fed my house stay between 68 to 75  on the card that came with it say to keep between 65 and 85 do I need to get a heat lamp or something to keep light on it please let me know I love this plant and don't want to see anything happen to it     thank you very much


Put your cactus under a desk lamp with a florescent daylight bulb in it Keep the bulb about 6-8 inches from the plant so it gets lots of light. Have the light on a timer set up so the plant gets 14 hours of light per day, that will keep it healthy all winter.  Be very careful not to overwater it and never leave it sit in a drain tray full of water or you will rot the roots. Good luck!


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