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I have a very large palm tree about 13ft tall measures from the dirt up, 6ft spread.( I don't know what kind it is.) I've had it about 8 or more yrs. It seems to be dripping sap? the leaves are sticky, and everything around it gets sticky,their are shiny spots on it,plus little brown spots,some of the fronds are dried out on the tips I have tired washing with soap and water,a insecticide (indoor pharm with rosemary oil)( says it treats fungus gnats scales & more)ready to use spray,and Hi-Yield systemic insect granules.HOW CAN I SAVE THIS PLANT!!I have 20 other house plants,or more if you count the pots that have more than one kind of plant in them,that I need to keep healthy!how do I get rid of the sap?It is still growing.
 thanks I'll try anything to save this beautiful plant

Hi Patty,

It is very important to know just what kind of Palm you have. There are dozens of different Palm species and many other non-Palms that people think are Palms. All of these different plants have very different care requirements.

The stickiness is called honeydew and it is secreted by scale insects - the brown bumps attached to the leaves. It is not sap. Scale is very difficult to treat successfully on large plants. Systemic pesticides applied as soil drenches are absorbed by the roots, but gradually lose their effectiveness with plants taller than 6 feet.

To successfully treat scale, you have to thoroughly spray drench all leaf and stem surfaces until they are dripping wet. You must make direct contact will all of the scales, including the ones that are virtually invisible to the naked eye. To spray properly is a very messy process and best done outside, although that may be impossible with a plant that size. What you use to spray is less important than being thorough.

If you fail to get complete coverage, then a few scale insect will survive, reproduce and the infestation will return again in a few months. Keeping the plant healthy by providing proper light and water will help maintain its natural resistance to pest infestations and disease.

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Please let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have any additional questions.

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