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unknown plant
unknown plant  
Hi Will,

I saw this plant at the nursery and it didn't have name in the price tag label.  Unfortunately the staff was not able to give me that information.  Would you be able to let me know the name and proper care of it indoor?  how much lighting does it need and would the yellow flower stay bloom all year long or how many times a year in most cases?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Sue,

Your plant is a CALATHEA CROCATA CANDELA. This is a hybrid and not an easy plant to rebloom.

Provide lots of bright indirect sunlight, such as on a north windowsill that is protected from direct sunlight.

Do not repot it. Water thoroughly as soon as the surface turns dry and light brown. It will not tolerate excessive dryness. Increased humidity also helps keep edges from browning. If your tap water is  hard, use filtered or distilled water. Fertilize very sparingly. Keep temps above 60 degrees F.

In good conditions, the flowers will last for several months. About 6 months after flowering, reduce the light, temperature and the watering to put it in semi-dormancy for about 10 weeks. If done successfully, this will set new flower buds a couple of months later. Resume normal conditions after the 10 week semi-dormancy.

I have to warn you that getting hybrids to re-bloom is often an exercise in frustration even in the best conditions. You may want to just keep it as a lovely foliage plants and avoid the semi-dormancy.

Please let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have any additional questions.

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