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poor leaves
poor leaves  

My avocado plant seems to very unhappy. All the leaves look just like the one in the photo. For the most part, they start off (as new growth) fine and quickly turn brown.

I water no more than twice a week with distilled water...However, when I potted the plant after it sprouted, about 1/2 inch of the pitt is still showing above the dirt along with the split that had originally occurred when it first sprouted.

Hoping that you might be able to help save my friend. It is in a south facing window with a solid amount of direct sunlight. It has grown somewhat tall, with growth limited to just the top. It is just under a year old and has no lower leaves since this has been an ongoing issue. Though not as bad during the summer months, but still there.

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Avocados grow on trees. They have no leaves low on the trunk, only at the top, that is normal. Watering it twice a week is  too often. You should insert a bamboo skewer into the soil and when you think it needs watered pull the skewer out. Only the bottom 1/3rd of the skewer should be moist. If more is moist do not water it, it is too wet. This plant needs to dry out pretty well between waterings. Too much water rots the roots and causes the damage that your picture shows. Only water when the plant is dry and it should improve. It is young and can quickly come back. If you have more question feel free to write again. Good luck!


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