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I have a rubber tree. I recently left it outside when it first snowed, I do have beautiful leaves on it, but only ant the soil. Should I cut the rest of the stem off? Can I trim the top roots when I transplant it again? I also have tiny tiny silver bugs that are crawling on the soil...what are they and can I get rid of them for a small amount of money??? Thank you!


If it was outside in the snow and the stem is now soft and mushy there is a 95% chance the plant is dead. The bugs are attracted by the rotting roots. You can cut the stem off and water the plant with a bottle of rubbing alcohol.That will kill the bugs.  That is less than a dollar at Walmart. Then put the plant in a sunny warm location. It has a 5% chance of it sending out new growth. A rubber tree is a tropical plant and should never be outside when the temperature is below 50 degrees. This time of year you might find a new rubber tree on clearance at Lowes or Home Depot. Good Luck.


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