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My cactus are not blooming? I had one cactus produce 1 flower. I placed them in my laundry room because it is dark. Then I thought they will get some light when we do laundry. Now I'm thing the basement it is dark around 5;30-6;00pm and light5:30-6:00am.temp: 69-70 F. is this a good place? My other question is do you know where I can get a Christmas cactus called angel dance or dancer? I have searched over the net.


I am having a bit of the same problem this year. Holiday cactus need either cool night temperatures (between 55 and 60 degrees for 6 weeks) or extended periods of darkness to set flower buds. I usually leave mine outdoors into the late fall and by then they have set blooms. This year we had freezing temps way too early. If you cannot meet the temperature requirement simply give the plant 13 hours of total darkness each night for several weeks. This can be done by keeping the plant in a closet or covering it with a dark cloth or putting a double thick layer of black trash bags over it for 13 hours. During this time stop fertilizing and reduce watering. Once the buds set, return the plant to normal light and resume watering. In the past if this has happened I have found that the plant still blooms but it may not be till February.

Many people wonder why buds will drop from their plants before the flowers open. This can be caused by excessive heat, too much light, cold drafts, over watering, under watering or a sudden change in light or temperature.

Good luck with your plant, I hope it blooms soon!


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