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Yesterday I went into the den where my mom has a vase that has artificial plants in it as well as eucalyptus branches.  When I got a real strong sniff of the eucalyptus branches I couldn’t catch my breath. We have had this vase with the above arrangement for a long time but I am wondering if the smell of the eucalyptus in the den which is located right next to my bedroom is causing my breathing problems.  

As soon as I got next to the eucalyptus today I couldn’t breathe. I took all the eucalyptus branches out of the vase and I am going to put the eucalyptus branches down the incinerator when I go out this afternoon.  I am also wondering can the eucalyptus branches can deteriorate and make the small worse and seep into other rooms that surround it.


Yes, eucalyptus can cause respiratory allergic reactions in some people and it sounds like you may be one of those people. I don't think that deteriorating makes it any worse but rather the longer you are exposed to the allergy trigger the more violent your allergy reaction becomes. I know this because I have suffered from allergies for years. I recommend that you go back to All Experts and repeat your question to Health/FitnessAsthmaRespiratory Therapist. I think they will aggree that discarding the eucalyptus is best and the next option is to see an allergist and see what other allergies you may have that could also be causing your breathing problems. Good luck!


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