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I have looked all over the Web for an answer to my problem and have come up with nothing so I'll start by saying I have a lemon tree that I grew from seed indoors, it is over two years old now and close to five feet tall from the base of the pot and has a very thin trunk(about 1/2 inch in diameter) and can't support its own weight. I have always needed a plant spike since it got to be about two feet tall. It's in a 15 inch pot with a mix of basic miracle grow houseplant soil and perlite and has shownsteady new growth ever since it sprouted, why is the trunk still so flimsy?


Most lemons that you buy in the grocery are from hybrid lemon trees. Seeds from those will revert to one of the parent plants and always be inferior plants or a plant  that is used as root stock in grafting a hybrid top onto the root stock. I grew one several years ago until I discovered that no matter how old it got it would probably never bloom. I had it for 15 years and it never bloomed. I finally threw it out and bought a hybrid one at Home Depot. You can also find them at Lowes or other nurseries. I recommend you pitch it ad invest your time in a good lemon tree. Good luck!


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