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I got a Sago Palm King at walmart a few days ago.

(I really liked the fact that it was so ancient!)

Then I learned that it would be deadly to my dog and cat, so I had to give it away.

My question is:

Do you know of any pet-safe, ancient house plants that would be good for a med-light house?

Hi Miriam,

Very few pets would want to nibble on sharp, leathery Sago Palm leaves. I suggest you go to the ASPCA website below to find a list of safe plants:

"Ancient-looking" plants is very subjective but usually limited to plants in the Cycad family. There are many plants that do well in primarily bright indirect light, but people have different definitions of "medium light." In general, medium light would be no more than 6 feet from the nearest uncovered window.

~Will Creed  

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