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I have asked a question or two on this plant before. I was watering the plant at least 1 time a week or until the water dissipates from the water that helps the plants humidity. Any way I saw some little tiny bugs on the new leaves, but instead of putting the plant in the shower to blast it with water I got a mixture of water and a drop of dish soap. looks like it controls it. It usually gets on the new leave. some times the leaves get old, and I prune them or pinch them back is this ok too. The times that the leaves get yellow is diminishing because of the bright light from the sun which the plant is in the south window now. I have a lot of new growth. Took your advice and bought  bamboo sticks to measure the plant before I water it again. Seems to help thank you.


Thank you for letting me know that my previous answers have helped you with your aralia. I would suggest that you add a couple of tablespoons of rubbing alcohol to your soap mix for insects. That will make it even more effective.

No matter the species of aralia, aralia plants need light to mimic the tropical climate of their native Polynesia. Though they can survive under low light as they long as they have moist soil, they do best in medium or full sun when grown indoors, but should be placed in shady areas if moved outside. Aralias prefer temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep them inside or move them indoors during the winter.

As always feel free to write again if you have more questions. Good luck!


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