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Pink lillie
Pink lillie  
I bought two 12" pots of calla Lillie's one yellow with white spotted leaves, the other pink with no spots & straight thin leaves. When I bought them they were in a nice bloom & the stems were standing tall. Since planting them we had bad winds & heavy rains & now all my stems are hanging over. Does this mean I need to cut them off & if so how far down do I cut them?


No do not cut them off as they will not bloom again for a year. Most calla lilies are left in pots as they like to be constantly moist. They like to be shaded part of the day and wind frequently knocks them down. They will not survive winter in the ground unless you live in an area that never freezes. I do recommend that you put a stake beside them and tie the blooms individually to the stake to hold them up. The flower is rather heavy so even in pots they droop. Good luck!


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