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Hi, I really like this site.
I have two hibiscus plants in pots.  One is on it's third year and the other is only a year old.  I winter them indoors and put them out in the spring.  Is it too early too put them outside.  I know not to put them in direct sun just yet but because it only reachs about 14-18 degrees through the day and 2-9 degrees at night.  I live in Walters Falls, Onartio, zone 5-5a


I live in northern Indiana. I just put my hibiscus outside today. You have to wait until the nighttime temperatures are going to stay above 10 degrees centigrade as the lowest every night. If you put it outdoors earlier than that it will damage flower buds and you will not have as many flowers this summer. Once temps stay above 10 at night aand get up to 20 or above during the day it is safe. Good luck!


PS I am glad you like the site.

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