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Hi Darlene,

I have a medium sized Philodendron that is outgrowing its pot and trying to climb the drywall in my hallway.  It is really digging into the drywall and damaging it.  Is this plant that I should move, trim or move outside?

Thank you for your help and expertise.



I would suggest that you either move it outdoors to a shady location or start pruning off any vines that start climbing the wall. You can check it daily and keep it off the wall.  It cannot be moved outside permanently. It is a tropical plant and needs to be taken in when the night temperatures in your area start dropping below 10 degrees centigrade or 50 degrees farenheit. It is a plant that can stand to be rootbound. Only move it to a larger pot if you want it to grow larger. If you want it to stay the same size you can keep it in the same pot safely for 20 years and prune it back regularly. If you have more questions feel free to write again. Good luck!


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