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I have a Ficus bonsai. lately I have observed that it has shed all its leaves. The branches also look dry. I have been taking good care of it but I don't understand why it shed all its leaves. Is it alive or dead and how can I regain its health.thanks


There are hundreds of varieties of ficus. They can drop their leaves because they get to cold, or because they dried out too much even if only for 1 day or if they are to wet because there are no drainage holes in the pot or because you are watering it too much and the roots are watering.  Hot dry air can also cause it to drop leaves.

Make sure there are drain holes in the bottom of the pot. Water it when it is dry and empty the drain tray an hour. If the air is very dry put a large clear plastic bag over the pot to increase the humidity around the plant. I have had ficus trees loose all there leaves and grow ne ones in the spring. Write again if you have more questions. Good luck!


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