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QUESTION: Hi, I have an absolutely beautiful creeping Jenny which I planted last spring, it is cascading over the sides of a large pot. I wish to bring it inside and try to keep it until next spring. Is this possible? Does it need extra humidity, extra water, what type of light ? Any other suggestions? Also, since this is a creeper, is it possible that I could take some of this Jenny and it would take root along my short sidewalk, beside my paving stones? Any suggestions on that? Thank you so very much for volunteering !

ANSWER: Patti,
There is more than one plant called creeping jenny -Lysimachia nummularia being the main one. Look it up on your search engine. It will take temps to -40.

You could also grow it inside like an indoor plant. Proper watering is important. Water your plant based on how much it weighs when thoroughly watered VS when they are ready to be watered again...It's not as easy as once or twice a week...Pick the pot up and feel how heavy it is after watering it...Don't water it again until it feels considerably lighter and the top of the soil is light in color. Do water in the early AM on sunny days. Good morning or afternoon light is best.   
You could grow it outdoors but be careful. It is considered an invasive species. So when growing it outside as a groundcover you must be prepared to control its wayward growth with frequent pruning (similar to English ivy).
Hope this helps.
Rick in southern NJ

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Follow up: very helpful answer. If I do decide to plant creeping Jenny outside as a ground cover WHEN should I do it? Spring or another season? Do I lay it flat & partially cover w soil or how? Again thank for your answer.

Spring to early summer is good.
Make new plants by placing cuttings of your plant in soil in small pots to root 1st. You could also buy small potted plants at a garden center. Plant them 1-2 feet apart and water them in well. They are perennial and will come back EACH YEAR.
Ask the people at your local garden center (not chain store) for more info on how to do it in your area.  

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