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Brown spots
Brown spots  
Hi there. I have recently received a Fiddle leaf fig as a gift. I am aware they aren't the cheapest plant and have been extra vigilant with caring for it, but unfortunately my new leaves which are growing well have tiny brown spots all over them. Is this me watering it too much? Or is this a fungus or bacteria? I havent repotted its in original nurswry pot and it sits under window that faces north. Minimal direct sunlight. Plant approx 2ft tall in 17cm pot. Any ideas how i can try and fix it? What happens if i cut them off? Thank you in advance for any advice!

Hi Leah,

It is normal for new, immature Ficus lyrata leaves to be pale and speckled initially. As they age, they lose the spots and become a normal shade of green. The color on yours is unusual, but that may be a function of the photo color rendering. It is not a sign of a fungus or a bacterial infection.

Over watering could be a cause, but that is unlikely if you have kept it in its nursery pot as long as the pot is not left sitting in water and as long as you are watering no more than once or twice per week.

I suggest you give the new leaves a little time to develop before taking any drastic actions. Certainly, there is no reason to cut off the new leaves.

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