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Hello: I planted a shoot of the subject vine in a drinking glass filled with ornamental stones.At first,the plant did quite well,and grew to about 3',hanging down from a shelf in my bathroom.Lately,however,it has stopped growing,and one leaf turned yellow and dropped off.The water here is quite hard,and there is a mineral deposit crust around the rim of the glass.Should I have been using distilled water? Can you suggest what I may be doing wrong?

Sounds like you have a watering and fertilizing problem...
Pothos plants easily root in water. After they get so big it is best to transplant them into a pot with potting soil.
Pothos proper watering care is similar to most indoor potted plants (excluding Orchids, cacti and a few other special type plants). Water your plant based on how much it weighs when thoroughly watered VS when they are ready to be watered again. Plants die from too frequent waterings (or going too long in between waterings), not from how much water you give them at one time. Pick the pot up and feel how heavy it is after watering it thoroughly. Don't water it again until it feels considerably lighter and the top of the soil is light in color. Depending on plant types, sunlight exposure and pot size plants will need water at many different rates from once a day to once a month or more.
Get to a local garden center and buy a good indoor plant fertilizer (like Miracle Grow - indoor or what ever they recommend)and read the directions before applying it...Plants do need to be fertilized every month or so to stay healthy...
Start watering properly  
Good luck
Rick in southern NJ

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