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my husband bought me a indoor dracaena Massangeana corn plant, my question is, the tag says to feed it every 2 weeks  with all
purpose liquid plant food. I use green  bamboo food on all my bamboo and other plants. Can I use it on this plant too? I also am having a terrible time as to where I should place it.  it's still too cold out in my built in porch where it would be surrounded in light, but also the sun in summer. I've read that the hot sun isn't any good for it either , Is that true? I'd like to do my best for it.


A dracaena Massangeana corn plant will survive in light where your hand will make a shadow. It can be placed on a wall 6 feet from a south, east or west facing window. It does not like to have the sun actually shining on it. Yes, you bamboo food will do just fine. If you put it outdoors it must get very little or no sun and be out of the wind because the wind can tear the leaves easily. If you have more questions feel free to write again. Good luck!


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