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Hello my ivy's have been sheading a lot of leaves what I mean is a lot of them are turning yellow. I have about 8 of them.They are put outside when was warm and I brought them in when it got cold,but here lately they are looking like it's nothing but long stems and not a lot of  leaves.Is it something I can do?


Yellow leaves are generally caused by too little sun or too much or too little water. If the plant frequently feels light weight that indicates it is dry and needs water. At this point in time hopefully you can keep it outside and it will get plenty of light. If it sits in a large tray full of water constantly the roots will rot then the plant cannot take up water and the leaves turn yellow. Water them then an hour later empty the drain trays or replace large drain trays with smaller shallow ones that can't hold water for too long.

When you have the light and water doing better you can cut the plants back to within one or two inches of the soil and the healthy roots will send out a lot of new shoots thengrow with lots of leaves. When ever they get up to about  8 inches long trim them back to 4-6 invhes and each vine will get 2 side shoots and the plant will look even bushier. Then let the plant grow another 8 inches and prune again. It is better to keep the plant vines no longer than 20- 24 inches long and it has a better chance of staying nice and bushy. Also fertilize with a water soluable fertilizer at least once a month. Good luck!


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