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Hello Darlene:

I want to place a flowering plant in my mother's room in a
nursing home. Indirect sunlight with her window, plus  fluorescent light overhead.

Not knowing flowers, my criteria is stated simply:
Plant with large flowers, and lasts for ' weeks'
if possible.

All feedback is much appreciated.

James Brunswick


A kalanchoe would fit your requirements. Go to a garden center and ask for the manager. You want one they have just gotten in that has just started blooming. You do not want onethat has been blooming for week and has flowers that are fading or stems that have been cut off. They will not bloom again for a year. They now come in all colors and are very reasonably priced. Water it when it is dry. Do not let it sit in a large drain tray full of water. The individual flowers are tiny but they are in large clumps. Put kalanchoe in Google then click on images and you will see pictures. It comes in about  10 different colors and has very leathery leaves. With Mother's Day coming it will be in all the stores. Good luck!


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