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I recently purchased a Maranta. Having never had one before can you give me any tips to grow this beautiful plant.  Also I am waiting on a Bonsai Juniper to come anyday I would love to successfully neuter it do you have any tips for a beginner of the art of Bonsai?


There are several types of marantas. This website has good instructions:

If you have more questions write again. I have had this plant go dormant during the winter. It appears to die back and I let it set in a corner and watered it about once a month. After 3 months it started growing again.

I am not sure what you mean by neutering a juniper bonsai. My best advice on bonsai in general is t read all you can, go to the library and get all the books they have. Also join a club and there are a lot of great bonsai clubs in Ohio. If you are in northwest Ohio you could join our club in Fort Wayne, IN. Let me know where you live and I will let you know who the nearest club is. If you have more questions write again. Good luck!


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I have been an Advanced Master Gardener for 24 years and I raise around 300 houseplants and bonsai trees a year including tropicals, succulents, and cacti. I have also been a professional plant care person for businesses in the Fort Wayne, IN area and currently professionally care for bonsai trees for my customers.


I am also studying the Japanese art of bonsai with tropical plants and is President of the Fort Wayne, IN Bonsai Club.

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I am not a hortculturist. I am a Purdue University Advanced Master Gardener for 24 years. I have studied plants on a personal level by growing hundreds of plants annually for the last 35 years. I have also studied under several nationally known American Bonsai experts.

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