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Hello I have recently noticed that a couple of my house plants (one bean plan and another one I don't know what it is) has these web like things forming on them. At first I thought we had a spider in out home but the next day I noticed the web has these tiny little bugs crawling all over them. They are very very small and I think are a white ish colour. What are they? how can I get rid of them? and any other helpful info you may have please? the little bugs also are crawling on the underside of the leaves. Thank you for your help!

Sounds like spider mites. They produce a fine white webbing on plants. They look like small grains of sand. They are usually a sign of letting the plants go too dry in between waterings.
Get to your local garden center (not chain store) & see what they recommend for spider mites  
Either way start watering the plant properly.
Water by weight. Put a saucer under the pot. Water and let the plant sit in the excess water for 5-10 minutes. After that time pour off any excess water in the saucer. Pick up or lean the pot. It should feel heavy. Don't water again until it feels considerably lighter in weight.  Indoors check it every 3-10 days. Watering frequency depends on many factors(type of plant, light exposure, temps, humidity, etc.). Plants are killed by too frequent waterings - Not from how much water you give them at one time...Soak and let dry in between waterings...
Spray mist the foliage of the plant once a week to increase humidity around the plant...
Most indoor tropical plants require you to add fertilize on a weekly to monthly basis during the growing season. While at your local garden center (not chain store) and see what they recommend for your particular plants...
Keep your eye out for more bug problems and retreat if necessary...
Hope this helps...
Rick in southern NJ USA

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