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hi will
sorry about the last email its actually embarrassing, i sent so many emails to darlene over a period of 7 days trying to get her to awnser and several other people wouldn't awnser one person finally said that i was in his spam folder and he did not check it often another exspert was nice and we hit it off but i think she got annoyed that i asked so many questions she just stoped awnsering and would say sorry i cant help with that... it was alot of follow ups that was clearly in her exsperties as she awnserd the first one i just askesd 5 questions i was just trying to learn about plants ever since then nobody would talk to me im worried now that i ask annoying questions anyways the point in all that was i sent that mean last message on the 7 day witch you indeed up getting im not usally like that i was just getting upset after wating a week for several people to awnser witch never did and on top of that i was having a really bad week at the time. sorry about that and thanks i hope all is well with you to. it didnt give me the thank/rate the exspert with the email? but i would gladly give you all 10s and nominate you for exspert of the month any chance i get. sorry for the long message i hope its not a bother. take care cynthia

Hi Cynthia,

No apology necessary. I have had bad days and gotten frustrated when people did not follow through as expected. And I have used language far worse than yours. I understood your frustration from the outset, so your comment did not surprise me, let alone shock me.

Now you know where to go with your indoor plant questions in the future. Feel free to email me directly, if you prefer. If you ask too many questions or questions for which I don't know the answers, I will tell you, but I won't ignore you.

Best regards,

~Will Creed

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I have over 35 years of professional indoor landscaping experience caring for plants in homes, offices, building lobbies, stores, restaurants, and other adverse environments. I have written extensively on the care of indoor plants, including a 260 page book. My specialties include Ficus trees, low light plants, repotting, pest control, and re-blooming holiday plants. Be sure to check my ratings and nominations to learn why I am the top-rated indoor plant expert. I am the only House Plant expert consistently ranked in the AllExperts Top 20.

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