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I have a jade plant that is 20 yrs old and for the past couple of months the leaves look moldy and then yellow before drying up and falling off. I have it outside right now in partial sun. This is my pride and joy. please help I don't want to lose it

Hi Melissa,

It is hard for me to diagnose the problem because "moldy and then yellow" are not very specific descriptions. It might be mold or mealybugs or some other fungus or improper watering or repotting or high humidity. Lots of possibilities.

If you can post a photo here that shows the entire plant, including its pot, then that would be most helpful. Also, can you describe any changes in the plant's care in the past six months. How long has it been outside? In what part of the country do you live?

The more specific information you can provide, the more accurate my diagnosis will be. I look forward to your reply.


~Will Creed  

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