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House Plants/Hibiscus dangerous to house cats?


Lou wrote at 2007-11-12 21:42:12
Hibiscuc are VERY dangerout to cats and dogs!

Linda March

Information Specialist

University of Illinois

College of Veterinary Medicine

House plants provide us with beauty and enjoyment, but some can also cause major

problems for your pets.

According to Dr. William Buck, director of the National Animal Poison Control Center

(NAPCC) at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in Urbana, "a lot of

ornamental plants have irritating sap that will cause an animal to salivate or maybe vomit and

have diarrhea."

He says that plants like the hibiscus and those in the Easter lily family, which are not toxic to

people, may be very harmful to pets. Two or three days after cats have eaten a few leaves

of a Tiger lily or Easter lily, they will go into renal failure. After ingesting hibiscus, a dog will vomit persistently, may vomit blood and have bloody diarrhea. "The loss of body fluid may

be severe enough to be lethal in some cases," Dr. Buck cautions.  

Des wrote at 2007-12-13 13:33:32
You really need to do your research before you answer questions that could potentially kill a beloved pet. Hibiscus is on the A.S.P.C.A.'s website as a toxic houseplant. I work at a veterinary clinic and have a patient that is sick right now due to ingesting hibiscus. It causes vomiting and diarrhea in cats that could lead to dehydration and hospitalization. Remember, just because you can make a tea out of a flower or herb for humans doesn't mean that it is harmless to your pet. There are MANY human foods that could kill dogs and cats. Mat, for questions like this, you would be better off calling your vet.

thedudewhoknowsall wrote at 2007-12-18 02:26:51
Actually, hibiscus is listed as being a toxic plant to pets on many websites, but it is non-toxic to humans.

bbbbbbb wrote at 2008-05-11 20:57:10
CAT-KILLER! Hibiscus are poisonous to cats you nutjob.  Google it.  Research it.  Do your damn homework.

Corey wrote at 2009-12-10 14:25:31
I think if you view this site you will change your answer.  It says hibiscus is toxic.  I trust ASPCA:

Cindy wrote at 2011-09-23 19:05:02
Hi. A lot of places including the ASPCA list Hibiscus as being toxic to cats and dogs. However, it doesn't seem to be toxic to birds. Please note the toxicity in Hibiscus can cause renal failure. It is advised not to have these plants around cats and dogs.  

Maura Martin wrote at 2011-09-25 03:33:33
I came across this and could not understand how such a wrong and harmful answer got be given ,i sure hope that mans animals are ok,every,and he looked further into it  and did not listen to very bad advice from darlene.

JH wrote at 2011-12-17 23:06:10
Wow. People are really railing on this poor woman.

The answer is, it depends on the type of Hibiscus.

The Hibiscus syriacus listed on the ASPCA site IS toxic to cats.

The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, or tropical Hibiscus, it NOT.

Not only can you find this out from a simple Google search, I know from 1st hand experience. I have a tropical Hibuscus in my home, and have had my cats ingest leaves from it, with no ill effects to them.

cari wrote at 2012-01-05 21:37:57
I hope anyone accessing this page for an answer will check further on other sites as ALL say that hibiscus is very toxic to cats.

Kathy wrote at 2012-12-16 03:10:40
Please, Please do not listen to Matt. Hibiscus are poisonous to cats. I a Siamese sick right now with loss of appetite and diarrhea. We are working with a vet. Just look at the web site if you do not believe me. We have a beautiful sun porch and brought our rubber plant, hibiscus,and peace Lilly inside for the Winter after checking a short list on toxic foods for cat. All my plants are finding a new home except the gerbra daisy. I also plant rye grass which is non toxic.

Brokenhearted wrote at 2014-02-24 07:37:31
My beautiful male cat died from kidney failure from eating the leaves from my hibiscus. So l know this plant is lethal deadly force to cats.

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