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House Plants/Yellowing leaves on Dieffenbachia


Patti Lotus Marqueen. wrote at 2014-07-27 02:50:53
I was amazed at the completeness of your answer.  And, you went directly to the problem in several directions just to make the possibilities about perfect.  Thank you for your answer.  My beautiful Dieffenbachia has been in the front hallway with 24/7 light for about 2 weeks when the building management told me it was a hazard and had to be moved inside where no one would trip etc. Hence the yellow leaved.  Moving and the light change and possibility of too much or not enough water.  Hmmm I will work on it.  Well done.  

mistymtn wrote at 2016-02-17 15:15:30
Mine was doing the same and was in a pot cover...when my sis had it, she never remembered to water it at all and seems to do fairly well withe occasional monthly or every other month watering.  I was watering it regularly (once a week) and it was dying on me.  Today I decided to put some miracle grow on it and pulled it out of the pot cover to discover it has been sitting in a quart of water the pot cover was holding in instead of letting it drain out.  It is now sitting in my sink draining and drying.  I think that is why mine was yellowing.  Check to make sure it isn't swimming in water like mi E has been.

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